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About Grace Samson-Song

Maximize Mentor, Trainer & Transitions Coach

Grace is an experienced personal development trainer with a niche in career, business and spirituality. As a transitions coach, she is gifted in helping people move forward. 
Grace is a guru when it comes to facilitating personal breakthroughs for people feeling stuck in life. Her enthusiasm will inspire even the most deflated person to dream again, and to take another shot at this thing called life.
She is able to take her clients beyond their current circumstances to a place of seeing their higher purpose by unlocking deep, spiritual insights. 
Grace Samson-Song is the Founder of The Maximize Group. She is an Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer and International Conference Speaker.  She is also the Creator of ​ The PIN Code Program and the author of Crossing Intersections ( Amazon ). 
Grace's training is a healthy blend of personal development and professional excellence. With a fierce commitment to the facilitation of growth, Grace is uniquely gifted in identifying the dysfunctional patterns in individuals and teams, which holds them back from being brilliant.  She is able to bring clarity in decision-making, as well as helping her clients move from feeling stuck, to living their purpose fully and powerfully.
She challenges her clients to recognize their own areas of growth, while providing clever and memorable ways to take personal responsibility and ownership towards positive change. She firmly believes people skills directly affect productivity.

Her work has taken her to over 35 countries in 6 continents of the world. With a background in the media as a TV presenter and trainer, corporate events and international travel, she brings a wealth of knowledge, diversity and connectedness to her clients. She has personally coached top executives, as well as junior managers and staff. From the Receptionist to the CEO in the Boardroom, to an audience of over 5,000 people in a conference, she has the ability to connect on all levels with people and cultures.
Her clients span across the media, retail and hospitality industries, as well as the religious sphere, government and NGO sector.

Grace is based in San Jose, California and is married to David Song. They are parents to Phoenix.  She coaches virtually, and in-person.

After over a decade of training in customer service and motivating employees to be the best at their job, I noticed that there was a missing piece. The traditional corporate training modules focus on what i call the “​​PRESCRIPTION”, where we, as trainers assume our job is to tell the staff what they must do and how to be motivated. That is only half the truth. I realized that people are far more inspired when corporate training unlocks them and their potential from within - first (before focusing on what they need to do at work). This is what i call the "INSPIRATION" approach.
I believe lasting transformation can only happen when people are engaged in three dimensions - spirit, soul and body.
I have changed my training style and content to come alongside participants to find that “SWITCH” inside of them, and help them turn on their own “brilliance”, not what one thinks they should be doing. It sounds counter-intuitive but i have seen longer lasting results and dramatic transformation in motivation and commitment, when people “OWN” their brilliance.